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About Infinity and Beyond Owner Stephanie Vogler

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The owner of Infinity and Beyond is Occupational Therapist Stephanie Vogler.

Miss Stephanie’s Story

An OT Career Takes Off

Stephanie (or “Miss Stephanie” as the kiddos call her) holds all the expected degrees, credentials, and licensing to be an occupational therapist in Illinois—and then some.

However, her OT experience soared in 1993—long before her career began.

That’s when Stephanie became a big sister for the third time. But, unlike her two younger sisters, her brother Charlie was born with special needs. Over time, his diagnoses grew to include cerebral palsy (CP), seizures, sensory issues, and developmental delays.

Charlie required therapy most days of the week.

But Stephanie wasn’t resentful about going to one OT appointment after another.

Instead, she recalls how fun it was!

The therapist engaged Charlie’s three sisters in his OT sessions. Stephanie soon saw the positive impact that OT had not only on her brother but also on the whole family.

By age 11, she had already decided on her career path: to become an occupational therapist.

Stephanie Vogler, OTR/L, MNRI® Core Specialist: A Lifelong Dream Becomes a Reality

After years of schooling, Stephanie achieved her dream.

She is an Illinois-licensed occupational therapist. Furthermore, she is certified as an Early Intervention Provider and Evaluator, she is NDT certified and is a certified MNRI® Core Specialist.

She also regularly participates in pediatric OT seminars, workshops, and classes. Some of these have orbited around topics such as:

Stephanie earned a master’s in occupational therapy (OT) and a baccalaureate in occupational science from St. Louis University.

Stephanie Vogler holding her daughter

Stephanie with her daughter Addison.

“To infinity and beyond!”

Buzz Lightyear, Toy Story

Why We’re “Infinity and Beyond”

After Stephanie completed her formal training and worked for other clinics, she was ready to launch her Lake Zurich therapy practice.

The OT Clinic Name

She wanted a clinic name that reflected the nearly limitless possibilities that OT—especially a specialized approach called MNRI®—can achieve. She also wanted to honor her brother, Charlie.

Her family fondly recalled how Stephanie and Charlie enjoyed watching Toy Story together. The name “Infinity and Beyond” encapsulated her vision and love for her brother.

The clinic had liftoff.

The Clinic Team

Stephanie’s team includes Charles Eickelberg, Business Manager. Charles shares Stephanie’s mission, vision, and values for Infinity and Beyond.

woman with arms crossed smiling

Stephanie Vogler

OTR/L, C/NDT, MNRI® Core Specialist

Charles Eicelberg in suit smiling

Charles Eickelberg

Business Manager

Charles (Chuck) manages the financial and operational aspects of the clinic. He comes to Infinity and Beyond with deep business experience and expertise.

Parent Testimonials

Our Mission

Provide customized, family-focused pediatric occupational therapy that propels children and their families to live life to the fullest.

Our Vision

Create an infinite world of possibilities that skyrocket children and their families beyond expectations.

Our Values

Infinity and Beyond values a FRESH approach:

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A Fresh Approach to Occupational Therapy

Unlike most OT clinics, we integrate a treatment approach called MNRI® into our occupational therapy treatment. This groundbreaking approach builds on a child’s unique underlying nervous system to improve their physical, developmental, emotional, and learning abilities.

Because “Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration” is a mouthful, we refer to MNRI® as “bodywork.”

As a result of bodywork, we have boosted children to more outstanding, global, sustained, and long-lasting results.

Only a handful of Illinois clinics currently offer MNRI®.

 Learn more about occupational therapy for kids.

Brittany Frankel

Brittany Frankel graduated from Elmhurst University with her Master of Occupational Therapy and holds a Bachelor of Social Work from Northeastern Illinois University. Brittany is passionate about working with children and developing strong relationships with their families to ensure collaboration to work towards the client and family-oriented goals. She has experience working with children with difficulties in a variety of areas but is especially passionate about working with children with sensory and emotional regulation and executive functioning challenges. Brittany has taken continuing education courses in areas including Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration (MNRI), interoception, executive dysfunction, and sensory processing. Brittany works under the belief that “kids do well if they can,” a quote from Dr. Ross Greene, and that a large piece of intervention is working to uncover the underlying deficits leading to functional difficulties. When not working, Brittany’s favorite hobbies include horseback riding, spending time with her cat and dog, reading, and playing with her nieces and nephew.